Interceeding For America
If   you   are   a   Christian   and   would   like   to   pray   for   this   nation   but   don’t really   know   how,   then   I   invite   you   to   join   me   in   reciting   this   anointed prayer   below   on   a   daily   basis   reaping   you   heavenly   rewards.   No matter   how   dark   the   situation   looks   for   America,   it   would   be   mich worse   without   the   intercession   of   God’s   people.   I   found   this   version   in a   1978   Word   of   Faith   magazine   published   by   the   Kenneth   Hagin Ministries.   That   issue   featured   on   its   cover   the   then   current   Miss America.   We   now   have   absoluter   proof   the   Nov   3,   2020   presidential election   was   rigged.   It   required   massive   voter   fraud   to   put   Joe   Biden into   office.   Otherwise   Donald   Trump   easily   wins   re-election.   Since Joe   Biden   is   an   illegitimate   president,   I   have   ceased   to   pray   for   him. If you wish to include the acting president be my guiest.     Heavenly Father…in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…we come on behalf of our nation…we pray according to thy holy word…putting first things first…praying first of all for the [duly elected] President of the United States [Donald Trump and for his return back into office]…for the Supreme Court…for the senators…for the congressmen…we pray for all who are in authority in our nation…that divine wisdom…divine direction shall be given unto them…Father, we are your children…we have been born again…we are born of God…we take authority on this earth…and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…because he has given us authority…he has given us the right to use his name…we come against the powers of darkness…the devil and all his minions and cohorts that would endeavor to weaken our nation…to stop the flow of God’s blessings…to make it impossible for us to spread the gospel…to hinder us in leading quiet and peaceable lives…Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ take your hands off the political scene of our nation…there shall be peace…there shall be tranquility…Satan in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ take your hands off the economic scene of our nation…Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ take your hands off the social scene of our nation…[Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ take your hands off the judicial scene of our nation… for our courts and judges shall boldly render righteous judgments]…we command every foul spirit…to stop in their maneuvers…to cease in their actions…that all men might come into the the knowledge of the truth…demons and evil spirits shall not prevail. . . but the Spirit of God shall prevail…Angels of mercy…the spirit of the Living God…ministers equipped with the power of God…shall be free to minister as the Lord directs…the will of God shall be wrought…the work of God shall go forward…this we believe…this we speak…and it shall be so in Jesus name. Amen.
In God We Trust
In God We Trust
Pray For America